Objects can be used in different ways, substituted as a whole or as part. By changing a component or the usage of the object, it can break conventional perspectives and create another value.

In the project Mopmob, the idea started with changing the life of broomstick. The wooden handles are a unit of mass production, the production of the module marks them as a standard form to be used as a tool and not being a suitable material for furniture.

I wanted to change the use of this mass produced module and develop my own construction that could provide the timber with a different character both as a unit and as an object. Through this process, the broomsticks have renewed their value as a timber. The have risen from been appreciated as a tool to being appreciated as furniture.


Wooden handles(Pine), wire, Aluminum pipe


845 x 430 x 1200 mm


Twelve 2015, Stockholm furniture fair

Photography by Martin Bruun

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