Fiction of Product

the Fiction of Products


The project ‘The fiction of products’ has been concerned how to be utilized formlanguage in the products even further than indicating functional information. In the other words, the project was aimed to integrated communication of information and imaginations by form-language through products. For a possible solution of it, the fiction, as a field of literature, was applied to construct accurate formlanguage of product.

In the project, I dissected all the components of electric-kettle by their functional role, as like handle, spout, body and etc. After then, relevant verbs were extracted from their functions and arranged them on their procedure. This work became a base-frame of writing-product by form-language, in order to keep the responsibility of product.

And then, I assigned other objects which are having same verbal indication with targeted components. Those objects were selected and re-constructed under appropriate theme of story for using electric-kettle.

It is aimed to create aesthetical value through imaginations by associated memories behind form-language. However, due to the products have to provide clear function-operating, the basic composition of product must be came-out through the dissection of the product itself. Through this process, I re-write those electric-kettles, again.

# Lab

: Functional improvement

Objects: Laboratory flask + Grip tape

# Bottle

: Another experience

Objects: PET bottle + Ladle + Fire wood

# Umbrella

: Directing good mood

Objects: Umbrella + Manhole lid

# Chimney

: the Power of fiction

Objects: Locomotive’s chimney + Valve-handle

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